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You Can Be Rich With No Money

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Revelation 2:9a

I know your afflictions and your poverty—yet you are rich!


This verse is part of Jesus’ words to the Church at Smyrna, one of seven churches in Asia Minor. This church had been abused and rejected by the people they served in Smyrna. First, Jesus said they had suffered and had experienced poverty, but then He said, “Yet you are rich!”


In my life, I have learned that “You Can Be Rich With No Money!” That’s right. Some of the “RICHEST” people I have known had no money. Now when I say, “No Money,” I’m not saying they were starving to death. I’m just saying they had the essentials. I’ve known professors at small Bible colleges who lived in a two-room apartment and never ate out. I could have sat at their feet for hours and taken in the riches of their Bible knowledge. I’ve known window washers who would give you the shirt off their back. They are rich in their generosity to others. I’ve known a little missionary lady who gave up everything to make the people in foreign countries rich in their understanding of who Jesus is. She was rich in her love for others and made others rich. I know a Savior who left His riches in glory and came to us when we could not get to Him. He died so that we might have eternal life. Like I said, “You Can Be Rich With No Money.”


Dear Jesus,

Today, I am grateful that you have shown me many ways to be rich with no money. I want to continue to learn to be rich, YOUR Way! Amen

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