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Trinity Church
P.O.Box 680820 Miami, FL 33168
Ph: 786.888.4673

Senior Pastors

Since 1972 Dr. Rich and Dr. Robyn Wilkerson have been committed to communicating the powerful message of Hope, Love, and Faith to the world. They have been the lead pastors at Trinity Miami since 1998 and are the founders of Peacemakers Family Center. Married for over 50 years, they have extensive experience with family ministry and have a unique gift of communicating the Gospel to our troubled society. Pastor Rich and Robyn minister in the heart of Miami and continue to be committed to the local community. Their four sons and three daughters-in-love are all active in ministry. They are also the proud grandparents to nine granddarlings!

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Our Values

The culture of Trinity Church is guided by our distinctive values. These values serve as a guide for our actions and behaviors as we serve the people of Trinity Church. Commit these values to memory, and beyond that, build them into your heart! At Trinity Church we don’t do culture, we become the culture through our commitment to these value statements.

Jesus is our message

We are most committed to the preaching of Jesus. Our message is everything. We are Jesus people, not religious people. Methods will come and go, yet our message will remain the same.

People are our heart

Our heart is for ALL people. All people are loved by Jesus. We make no apologies for being specifically focused on reaching the lost. We desire to bring the broken home at all costs. We believe that our light is best seen in the night.

Generosity is our privilege

Generosity is about giving more than what is required. We see generosity as a privilege. We’re generous with our time, talents and treasure. We go first in our giving. God has given richly towards us, it’s our honor to give back to Him.

Excellence is our spirit

We’re going to always do the best with what we have. We’re on time, engaged and prepared. We don’t do things half way. If we’re going to do it, it’s to the best of our ability.

Servant leadership is our identity

If you’re too big to serve then you are too small to lead. Every leader is a servant first. From the parking lot to the pulpit, everyone serves. “If you ain’t helping, you ain’t helping!”

Honor is our calling

We are vocal with our honor. We submit to leadership and are thankful for spiritual authority. We choose joyfully to yield to those God has placed over us. We honor and care for those God has placed under us.

Passion is our pursuit

Everything we do, we do it with passion. From our worship to our service we do it with Holy Ghost energy. Passion drives us. Passion for Jesus. Passion for people. Passion for His church.

Greg Ward, Attorney

The Ward Law Group

The Ward Law Group was founded by attorneys Gregory Ward and Jany Martinez-Ward with a goal to contribute to the Hispanic community’s legal needs after suffering a car accident. Their passion shows in their work as they ensure that each case settles for the maximum compensation possible, and in supporting represented victims as they recover from physical injuries and financial losses.

As an experienced attorney who once represented insurance companies, Gregory Ward has a deep understanding of how they operate and what aspects can create or diminish the value of the cases he represents. This knowledge has led him to become a gifted negotiator and litigator defending the rights of his clients residing in the Miami Lakes, Miami, Orlando, and Kissimmee areas.