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Isaiah 21:3

At this my body is racked with pain, pangs seize me, like those of a woman in labor; I am staggered by what I hear, I am bewildered by what I see.


This prophecy was given by the great prophet Isaiah 200 years before the fall of Babylon. As you keep reading, he was literally in a state of shock as he witnessed King Belshazzar setting the tables in the giant ballroom for a raucous party in Babylon to end all parties. The actual event that Isaiah looked into the future lens of Bible “Prophecy” was so overwhelming to him that he was staggered by it. He had already spoken to this event in chapters 14 and 17, and now he saw the brutal finality to the Babylon that had wreaked havoc upon Jerusalem and the people of Judah for some seventy years. And on this night, Cyrus the King of Persia blasted into the party room and brought this kingdom to an end.


What is so unique about Bible “Prophecy,” is that it actually comes to pass. This happened in an ancient time in history. There were no cars planes or trains. There were no discoveries of the printing press or telephones or televisions or computer chips. There was no real knowledge of how the earth worked and certainly no understanding of the universe. But Isaiah knew there was a God who had formed it all and was able to look into Babylon’s future before Babylon was anything. With that in mind, try to imagine the year 1822 in America, when James Monroe was the president and they finally added a 24th star to the American flag and a major concern in the states was the fir trade, then you can just dream of being a prophet in those days and for-seeing some of the things I mentioned earlier up until this year 2022 in which I write. Before, there was a James Webb Space Telescope that could see the edge of the universe. Our God was already way ahead of that game. I’ll stick with Bible “Prophecy,” over man’s prognostications.


Dear Jesus,

Since you’re way ahead of NASA, I’ll stay with you. I’ll trust the “PROPHECY,” that has kept we Christians on a mission for over two thousand years. Let others laugh at us. But, I know where I’m headed based upon your “Prophecy.” Amen

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Greg Ward, Attorney

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