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Our Purpose Will Cost Us!

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Mark 10:33a

We are going up to Jerusalem.


These are Jesus’ words as He and His followers headed up to Jerusalem for the last time. The passage before says that the disciples were astonished that He was going through with it, and the others who followed Him were downright scared. This was the third time Jesus predicted His death.


Jesus came to set the captive free and show us what being a Christian would be like and that we all might have abundant life. However, make no mistake about it; before the foundations of the world were laid, His purpose was set. He was one day coming to earth to die for the sins of all humankind. He did die. He did rise from the dead. He did ascend to the right hand of God. He is alive and praying for us today. You and I have earthly jobs as believers. More importantly, we all have a purpose to accomplish while on earth. Our purpose is more important than our jobs. I’m not saying this AM that our purpose will kill us, but I am saying that “Our Purpose Will Cost Us!”


Dear Jesus,

I’m grateful this AM that I know my purpose. Even if it means death on earth to realize my purpose, I am willing. But more than that, I’m so thankful that You gave me a purpose and reason for living! Amen

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