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God Will Remember Your Good Deeds

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Esther 7:9
Then Harbona, one of the eunuchs attending the king, said, “A pole reaching to a height of fifty cubits stands by Haman’s house. He had it set up for Mordecai, who spoke up to help the king.”


Soon after Esther, the young Jewish woman who had become queen of Persia under the leadership of Xerxes, her Uncle Mordecai, who daily sat at the king’s gate, heard of a conspiracy among some of the king’s associates to kill the king. Mordecai told his niece Esther, and she reported it to the king. It was discovered to be true, and the two associates of Xerxes were executed. It was noted in the king’s annals that Mordecai the Jew had uncovered the plot. Now here in this story, the wicked Haman, who was next to King Xerxes in leadership, had plotted to kill all of the Jews living in Persia, starting with Mordecai. He had erected poles upon which to impale Mordecai. But Esther appealed to her husband on behalf of Mordecai, and Xerxes was so mad at Haman that he left the room. When he returned to the room, he saw the wicked Haman lying across the floor at his wife’s feet, begging for mercy. He said, “Is this wicked man going to try and molest my queen as well? At this point, one of the king’s eunuchs spoke up and said, “Haman has erected a pole fifty-cubits high next to his own house to have Mordecai impaled upon. Mordecai is the same man who warned you that men were plotting to kill you!” The king remembered Mordecai and instructed his associates to have Haman impaled on the very poles he had erected for Mordecai.


It is my belief, and I know I have historic biblical proof to back it up, that our God never forgets. In fact, his records are sure. He remembered what his servant Mordecai had done to preserve a foreign king from destruction. And when Mordecai’s life was in peril, a eunuch in the king’s service remembered his good deed and Mordecai’s life was spared, and he was elevated in the kingdom. Perhaps today, you’re in a tough place, and you need deliverance from a foe. “God Will Remember Your Good Deeds!” Help is on the way today!


Dear Jesus,

I’m so happy this AM that YOU DON’T FORGET! Amen

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