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Three + Signs

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Psalm 11:7

For the Lord is righteous, he loves justice; the upright will see his face.


The Psalmist makes a wonderful statement about our great God. There is no doubt about what he said, and indeed these are “Three + Signs” that our loving savior possesses. First, our God is RIGHTEOUS! Second, our God LOVES JUSTICE! Third, our God has determined that THE UPRIGHT WILL SEE HIM FACE TO FACE!


Please don’t get me wrong today; I’m sure there are at least a million + signs connected to the God we serve. Yet today, we’re highlighting only three. Think about these three, though. Don’t you want a RIGHTEOUS GOD? I mean, seriously. What would we do if our God was applauding licentious living and complete debauchery? What if murder was encouraged and marriage was degraded, and there were moms galore but no dads? Wait that sounds like the nation I’m living in right now. Our God, Jehovah, LOVES JUSTICE! But what do we see everywhere? A complete breakdown of Justice. It seems as if weakness and silence are the order of the day. People are found hidden in their homes, and few have the guts to decry injustice in the land! I’m really excited about what God has decided for the righteous. He says we will SEE HIM FACE TO FACE! I’m looking forward to that but has the rest of the world forgotten they will see him FACE TO FACE AS WELL? This is about the “Three + Signs,” of our God. But with every “+” sign, there comes a “-” sign as well. It’s time to get on the “+” sides with God. There’s no time to waste. He’s coming soon.


Dear Jesus,

I want to live on the side that you’re promoting. I know there are many challenges that the enemy of our souls promotes every day, but I want nothing to do with him except to defeat him. That’s why I’m on your side. Whatever you want, Lord, I’m ready. Amen



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