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Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Psalm 135:13

Your name, Lord, endures forever, your renown, Lord, through all generations.


Here the great King David, in praise and worship of God Almighty, stated that the name of the Lord endures forever, and his renown goes through all generations. Whether people have sought our God or not, David is saying here that there has never been a time in human history that “Our FOREVER God,” has not been known.


In Romans 1:18-20 St Paul is very clear that since the beginning of humanity, God has always made it clear to human beings that he (God) is there and that he is not silent. Furthermore, mankind has always known in their heart that God is present with us. Not a rock, or a piece of wood, or an animal, but a living, loving God, who truly loves each and everyone of us, IS ALIVE. In fact, God has made himself so known to people who aren’t looking for him that there will be no excuse on the day of judgment for them not to have searched for him. For he has promised in Jeremiah 29:13-14 that when we seek him, we will find him. He is the one and only living and mighty God. David called him, “Our FOREVER God!”


Dear Jesus,

I am humbled in your presence this AM as I call upon your name once again. There is no one like you throughout history and to this present time who can match your never beginning and never-ending life and presence throughout the universe. Thank you for hearing my prayers both today and for the rest of my days everyday. Amen


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