Obedience Makes Things Happen!

What is the Lord telling you to do today? Is it something He has been whispering in your ear for months? Have you not stepped out because of fear, uncertainty, or is it because you are comfortable where you are?

I want you to read these next words carefully: Obedience Makes Things Happen! I’ve watched people OBEY the message preached and come back with testimonies of what they saw happen with their own eyes. People come and sit in my office, telling me they feel called to take a different path, but they are afraid. When they step out in faith, God is there working in miraculous ways! Others rarely have a testimony and then say, “I’m not sure if this stuff works.” Let me make this as clear as I possibly can. When we obey Jesus, when we follow His Word and listen for His voice, stuff happens. Good stuff. Great stuff. Miraculous stuff. When we don’t obey … well, the opposite happens.

Take a look at the disciples. When they doubted, when they didn’t do what Jesus said, their attempts fell flat. When they obeyed, they were “healing people everywhere” (Luke 9:6).

Abraham is another great example. In Genesis, God tells Abram to leave everything: his family, his country, everything he knows. And he tells him that if he obeys, God will make Abram into a mighty nation, give him a great name, and make him a blessing. Genesis 12:4 tells us, “So Abram went, as the Lord had told him.” 

Abram later became known as Abraham. A great name indeed. There is no Christian history without the Nation of Israel. And there’s no Israel without Abraham. This one man started a line of winning and hope for the rest of history, because he OBEYED. The truth is, He could’ve said NO to God’s offer. Instead, Abraham was moved by faith to leave a guaranteed life of normalcy. The reason: HE BELIEVED GOD’S PROMISES. Because Abraham said yes to God some 4,000 years ago, you and I are still saying yes to God today.

Today, I want to encourage you to step out in faith. Be obedient to what Jesus is asking of you. Be POSITIVE that great things are going to happen in your life. WHY? Because obedience makes things happen!