S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Luke 11:43

Woe to you Pharisees, because you love the most important seats in the synagogues and respectful greetings in the marketplaces.


Jesus condemned the Pharisees concerning their desire for NOTORIETY. He said, “You want to have the best seats in the Synagogues so everyone can see you and for people to greet you with respect in the marketplace.”


Later on in the book of Luke, Jesus told His disciples to sit in the back when they entered a wedding feast. That way, if they wanted, the host would come and invite them to a better seat. Don’t take the most important seat because it may be reserved for someone else, and you will be humiliated when asked to move. He then said, “For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted” (Luke 14:11). But this was not the way the Pharisees operated. They, instead, were concerned about personal NOTORIETY! How does this impact you and me? My best answer is, “Do what Jesus would do.” You know our Lord would humbly and admirably let someone go before Him. He knew that the power and authority His Father had given Him would, in time, be all He needed to accomplish His calling. When the Holy Spirit has empowered us for service, we don’t need to seek NOTORIETY because Jesus is our marketer.


Dear Jesus,

This AM, I leave my house to walk into a world that You have prepared me for. I know that You order my steps and that I have no need to “put myself out there.” You’ve already ordered my steps. Amen


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