Nimrod The Warrior

Nimrod The Warrior

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1 Chronicles 1:10

Cush was the father of Nimrod, who became a mighty warrior on earth.


Many believe Nimrod was the founder of the Tower of Babel. Before God destroyed the earth and the human race, save for Noah’s family, the earth was suffering from: The “Sons of God” marrying women on this earth (Genesis 6:1:)! The offspring of such unions were giants. This had to do with the 1/3 of heaven’s fallen angels who rebelled with Lucifer (mentioned in Ezekiel 28:12-17 and Revelation 12:4). Then God destroyed the earth with a flood but spared the human race through Noah’s family. NIMROD WAS NOAH’S GRANDSON!


People who have a hard time believing that fallen angels could have sex with earthly women have no problem with Mary, the mother of Jesus, being impregnated by God! Both of the Judeo/Christian faiths require FAITH!!! Either way, in this passage Nimrod had been raised by his father, Cush, who was Noah’s son. Evidently, Cush never pushed Nimrod to believe in the one true God. His desire to build the Tower Of Babel, many believe, had to do with his penchant for bringing the Sons of God (fallen angels) to the earth once again to intermarry with human women. Nimrod was known as “Nimrod The Warrior.” However, God took Nimrod and his tower down in short order. To think that the grandson of the man who saved the human race because of his faith in God was the man who wanted to bring tremendous filth and immorality back to the earth is shameful. It teaches us today that no matter the power and demonstration of God on this earth, we’re always just one generation away from destruction.


Dear Jesus,

This AM, I’m trembling as I read of “Nimrod The Warrior.” I’ve lived long enough to experience my country’s public-school system stopping scripture reading and prayer every morning to begin the day in class. Instead, they push to promote TRANSGENDER identity training in public schools as early as preschool. I’m aware that righteousness can vanish in just a generation. Please, Jesus, save our nation. Amen

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