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Gods Way Or Man’s Way

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Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Acts 27:13a
When a gentle south wind began to blow, they saw their opportunity.


The key line in this passage is, “They saw THEIR opportunity.” This was in reference to the captain of the ship and his associates who were wanting to sail before winter with their cargo out of a place called Fair Havens near Crete. They were headed for Italy. Paul had spoken up and said, “I’m warning you that if you sail trouble awaits you.” But they didn’t want to listen to the words of the Lord through his prophet Paul. When they saw their opportunity, they set sail. Just like Paul had predicted, the ship was lost, but every man on board was spared his life. Paul had also predicted that.


They washed up on shore on a small island known as Malta. Great things happened while they were platooned there. Paul, of course, was elevated, and everyone believed his message. But the question that is presented in the passage is simply, will you follow,
“God’s Way, Or Man’s Way?” It always comes down to where and who you will take your direction from. Our direction as Christian Believers comes from God’s Word. But oftentimes, we find ourselves at a crossroads. God’s word says one thing, and man’s word says another. What must we do as followers of Jesus? That’s the rub! That’s always the rub! “God’s Way, Or Man’s Way?” For me, I decided long ago I’ll choose God’s way and risk the consequences.


Dear Jesus,

This AM I’m locked into your Word. I know once again today, like every day, I’ll hear lots of other voices, but it matters not to me. I’ve learned that it’s Your Word or no word. Any other word leads me in places I don’t want to travel. Amen

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