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From Pains View, The Response Is Different

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Job 16:5
But my mouth would encourage you; comfort from my lips would bring you relief.


These words from Job were in response to a complete hammering from his so-called friend Eliphaz. Initially, Eliphaz had given some words of wisdom and encouragement to Job, who was in tremendous pain as a result of what he was going through. But quickly, the words of kindness turned to words of condemnation as Elipahaz began to attack Job’s character and berate him for his obvious sin and arrogance against God. Yet in response to all that Eliphaz accused Job of, Job replied with the simple words that if the tables were turned, he (Job) would surely encourage you (Eliphaz). In fact, my words would bring you relief.


I’ve learned a lot during these seven decades of living. One thing I’ve learned for sure is that “From Pains View, The Response Is Different.” Remember the rich man and Lazarus and how the rich man had died and gone to Hades, and Lazarus was in paradise? Remember how the pain of Hades did not make the rich man want any of his family members to join him there. In fact, the rich man wanted some missionaries on earth to warn his brothers so they wouldn’t join him. Here we see that the pain caused Job to love his friend even more. Even though his friend was now in an accusatory frame of mind, Job sure wasn’t. He said, “If you were me and I were you, I would certainly bring you words of comfort.” That’s why I say, “From Pains View, The Response Is Different.”


Dear Jesus,

Help me to love people wherever I find them. And when I find them in great pain, help me to be a soothing balm and not an accusatory old judge. People don’t need a judge when they’re in some kind of prison. They really need encouragement from a friend! Amen

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