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The Morning that Changed the World

Read Luke 24:1-12
Mornings are a time of renewal. A fresh start. They are the beginning of a new day and as such they bring a new opportunity. I (Pastor Rich) wake up early every morning to do my daily devotional and to spend time with the Lord. It’s how I start my day off right.
We read a lot about mornings in God’s Word. Joshua was a man who rose early in the morning. Jesus prayed early each day. Abraham rose early one morning to take Isaac to Mt. Moriah. Jacob woke one morning and built a pillar of stones at Bethel to honor God. Daniel woke one morning in a Lion’s den after a night of heavenly protection.
One morning, however, changed the world. Here’s Dr. Robyn’s vision of what that morning looked like.

The women were quiet as they walked through the pre-dawn light carrying their bundles of spices and strips of cloth to prepare the body for burial. The only sounds were the occasional sob and the crunch of their sandals on the rocky path.

The air was cold, but none of the women complained. They were enveloped in sorrow, numb with the pain of loss. Mary Magdalene walked with her head bowed and tears streaming down her face.

They drew closer together as they walked, drawing comfort from one another as they rounded the last turn in the path before the tomb. They stopped and stared in confusion. The grave was opened!

Mary dropped her bundle and ran to the opening, peering into the darkness. Unable to see clearly, she walked further in and her gasp had the other women crowding into the small space.

“What’s happened?” “Where is His body?” “Has someone stolen it?” Their quiet sorrow turned into a raw, savage pain at this desecration. Wasn’t watching Him die enough? Did they now have to suffer through a new loss?

They spilled out of the tomb and came face to face with two strangers. They were fierce looking, with clothes that shone like lightening. The women dropped to the ground in fear, bowing their faces to the ground and holding in their sobs.

Then one of the men spoke to them, his voice echoing in the small canyon. “Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen! Remember how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee: ‘The Son of Man must be delivered over to the hands of sinners, be crucified and on the third day be raised again.’”

As one, the women remembered. They remembered Jesus’s words! They rose to their feet in excitement, full of questions, but the men were gone. The message had been delivered.

The tears of pain and sorrow turned to tears of rejoicing. They held one another, praising God and worshiping the Lord. After a while, still holding one another, they headed back to tell the others what they’d seen.

Much had happened since Jesus was laid in the tomb by Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea. The disciples had gathered together in the Upper Room, afraid they would soon die as Jesus had. They had accepted Him as the Messiah, they had placed their faith in Him, and now He was dead.
As the new week began, the women gathered the supplies they needed to finish preparing Jesus’ body for burial. After finding His tomb empty, they rushed back to tell the others only to be met with disbelief.
But on that morning, God was ministering to Jesus’ followers. He had the angels roll back the stone blocking the tomb so they could see Jesus had risen. He sent those same messengers to give them the wonderful news that Jesus was alive!
Then, while the disciples hid in the Upper Room, something miraculous happened. Jesus suddenly stood in the room with them! He showed them His hands and His feet to prove that He was real. Jesus is alive!
As they ate together, Jesus began to talk. He told them of God’s plan to save humanity. He told them each of them had been called to help in God’s mission. They were to tell the world of Jesus’ Good News!
But that’s not all that happened that morning. On that morning, the morning that changed the world:

  • Death was defeated!
  • The power of the grave was defeated!
  • Sin lost all power over those who accept Jesus as Savior!
  • Satan was defeated forever!

That’s what happened the morning Jesus rose from the grave.
That’s what happened on the Morning that Changed the World Forever!
Are you a Morning person?
We love you and we’re praying for you!
Drs. Rich and Robyn Wilkerson

Greg Ward, Attorney

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The Ward Law Group was founded by attorneys Gregory Ward and Jany Martinez-Ward with a goal to contribute to the Hispanic community’s legal needs after suffering a car accident. Their passion shows in their work as they ensure that each case settles for the maximum compensation possible, and in supporting represented victims as they recover from physical injuries and financial losses.

As an experienced attorney who once represented insurance companies, Gregory Ward has a deep understanding of how they operate and what aspects can create or diminish the value of the cases he represents. This knowledge has led him to become a gifted negotiator and litigator defending the rights of his clients residing in the Miami Lakes, Miami, Orlando, and Kissimmee areas.