The Lord Is Our Shepherd

The Lord Is Our Shepherd

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Ezekiel 34:15

I myself will tend my sheep and have them lie down, declares the Sovereign Lord.


If you take time to read this entire chapter, you will find that our great God was weary of watching Israel’s spiritual leaders grow fat off of the backs of His people. He said that the spiritual leaders of Israel had grown fat eating the finest foods and dressing in the finest clothes while the sheep (the people of Israel) were scattered through poor spiritual leadership and were subject to wild beasts (false teachers.) Moreover, the people of Israel had become targets of Satan himself because they were scattered due to spiritual leaders who cared more for their own concerns. So God said, “I will now Shepherd my own people.”


Sometimes, as I look across the church world in my own country, I think that perhaps we are in danger of soon being in the same condition God’s people found themselves in during Ezekiel’s day. Leaders must ensure that their first thought and concern after their relationship with God and their family is their sheep. Sheep need love, leadership, and care. I’ve found in my own life that when I stay connected to the people I serve they sense that there is a Shepherd who really cares for their needs. To be honest, the only real thing I can do for our people is offer prayer. But they need to know I am offering it. That’s where connection, love, and concern come in. So yes, we spiritual leadership need to pick it up. But never complain, because truth be known, “The Lord Is Our Shepherd!”


Dear Jesus,

I’m so grateful that You are my Shepherd. Because of that, I’m never alone. Amen

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