Thank God For Elon!

Thank God For Elon!

S. O. A. P.

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Judges 12:11

After him, Elon the Zebulunite led Israel ten years.


This line is all that is said of the judge who ruled Israel for ten years. It simply states that Elon was a Zebulunite from the tribe of Zebulun. He ruled for ten years. It doesn’t say that he was good or bad, right or wrong, or much of anything other than he reigned for ten years. But here’s what I say, “Thank God For Elon!”


I’m sure you’re wondering why I said that. Well, this man was part of a four-man team of judges who ruled Israel for 31 years. Elon was the third and ruled the longest of the four. During his tenure, no uprisings were recorded. His people lived at peace, and no known famines or droughts took place. The people of Israel prospered during his rule, and they continued to serve the Lord and follow the laws Moses had established. Nothing is recorded of him that speaks disparagingly about his morality or his family. In fact, nothing is said at all of his family. Here is a man that all we have are three factoids about his life. His name, his rule as a judge over Israel, and the length of his reign. What would it be like to have a leader today who was in the news constantly, yet nothing bad or negative could be reported concerning them? I think they would be voted into the World Leaders Hall Of Fame as soon as their term was up. So that’s why I say, “Thank God For Elon!”


Dear Jesus,

It’s amazing to me this AM that you had a leader over your people Israel for ten years, and nothing is known about him other than his name and the fact that he ruled Israel for ten years. That’s all we know. Yet Lord, if I could be that successful with nothing bad being said about me, I’d be a happy man at the end of my life. “Thank God For Elon!” Amen

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