So Much For So-Called Friendship

So Much For So-Called Friendship

S. O. A. P.

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Job 18:21

Surely such is the dwelling of an evil man; such is the place of one who does not know God.


These are the words of Job’s so-called friend Bildad. Initially, he came with two others to console Job. But in time, he decided to place the blame on his friend for the suffering he had been enduring. He accused Job of wickedness and said  because of his sin the light of his life was extinguished and the memory of him was completely gone from the land. He said people abhor Job from the east to the west that he would be childless and this was the way it is for a truly evil man.


I believe when a person is truly suffering and in severe pain, loss, and regret, a true friend should give them a pass, so to speak. None of us are God. So why should we try and operate with judgement and severity of response? That’s God’s prerogative should he choose to do so. However, for you and me, our words should be few and out tears many. Jesus said we are to mourn with those who mourn. I can’t call myself a true friend should I try to play the part of God when a friend is in trouble. That wasn’t Bildad’s choice. Instead he operated as if he was God towards a friend in trouble. “So Much For So-Called Friendship.”


Dear Jesus,

I have friends who are in real trouble and their lives have been altered because of it. I will rely on you today to make the call, but for me I will simply support them and mourn with those who mourn. Amen


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