The culture of Trinity Church is guided by our distinctive values. These values serve as a guide for our actions and behaviors as we serve the people of Trinity Church. As a team member you should commit these values to memory, and beyond that, build them into your heart. At Trinity Church we don’t do culture, we become the culture through our commitment to these value statements.

We have something for everyone here at Trinity Church. Our various ministires are set up to help you get connected and be part of the family, grow, thrive in every area of your spiritual and physical lives.

Next Generation Teams

Next Generation Teams

TCKids Jr
Vous Youth

Creative Teams

Creative Teams

Sound, Video, Lighting,
Photography, Video, Social Media

Vocals, Band

Drama, Dance, Environments

Operational Teams

Operational Teams

Growth Track
Office Support
Trinity Café

Guest Services Teams

Guest Services Teams

First Impressions
Seating Engineers

team night

Team Nights are weekly sessions (each team meeting once a month) designed to share the culture of Trinity Church and also learn practical tools & tips for each team offering training, inspiration and guidance. Check our calendar for the upcoming schedule by team.

Wednesdays @7pm | Family-style dinner at 6:30pm


What are Serve Teams?

Serve Teams are our heartbeat. These teams help Trinity Church operate during all services and events. Our serve teams are made up of people from all different ages, backgrounds, and skill sets.

How do I join a Serve Team?

If you are interested in joining a Serve Team, you should already be a Growth Track graduate or be currently enrolled with the intention to graduate.

What are the requirements or prerequisites for joining certain teams?

All you need is an open heart and a great attitude. Whether you have skills in a particular area or come with no skills at all, it’s okay. We will teach you everything that you need to know.

I work a lot and my schedule always changes, it doesn’t seem like I’d be able to be able to serve consistently but I still want to help. What do I do?

No worries. All serve teams have rotating schedules. All you have to do is let you team director know when you’re available to serve.

Are there any other meetings that I’d need to work into my schedule?

Yes. Once a month all teams are scheduled to meet together during our Team Nights. Team Nights occur each Wednesday at 6:30 pm. Please ask you team director or check our team nights page to see when your team is scheduled to meet.

I’m interested in several teams. Can I join more than one?

Though it is more than okay to join more than one team, we ask that you pace yourself. We need you in great spirits and good health, we don’t want you to burn out. However, if you are comfortable and committed to serving on more than one team, go for it!

I want to serve, but no particular team is jumping out at me. What should I do?

Have you gone through Growth Track? Growth Track is a great way to discover which team you’d like to join. Do you have a passion or interest? Your passions and hobbies are also a great indicator of what teams you might want to join. Do you work or have experience is certain areas? Your work experience can also help you find the right team.