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21 Days of Prayer

January 6 to 26

We believe and declare who we are in Christ. We are healed, we are whole, we are prosperous, and we are free! We know that our prayers are the catalyst for change, restoration, and hope in this world. Join us for 21 Days of Fasting, Prayer and Intentional Outreach to our local community abroad.

4 Steps

Step 1

Follow the 21 day prayer guide below by praying for the daily topic.

Step 2

Use #PRAYFIRST on your social media outlets to testify what prayers are being answered in your life and the lives around you.

Step 3

Keep the faith! Stay positive and don’t give up. You will persevere. God is for you, so who can stand against you?!


As we enter into 21 days of prayer, please use this prayer schedule.

Jan 6 Thanksgiving for all you’ve done.
Jan 7 My city
Jan 8 My Church
Jan 9 My walk with Jesus
Jan 10 This new decade/new focus
Jan 11 My neighbors
Jan 12 My desire for God's will & purpose
Jan 13 Greater personal influence and open doors
Jan 14 Your help so I can bring one person to Jesus in 2020
Jan 15 My pastors
Jan 16 That our families would grow stronger
Jan 17 My co-workers/my classmates
Jan 18 Greater wisdom and discernment
Jan 19 Divine connections and favor
Jan 20 Better stewardship of my time, my health and my finances
Jan 21 Your help for me to live out the fruits of the Spirit every day
Jan 22 Our military and local police force that you would help us live free from war.
Jan 23 Me to obey God's voice the first time
Jan 24 Unity in the Body of Christ
Jan 25 Friends and family who need Jesus
Jan 26 Better decisions