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MARCH 2024
We’re excited to share with you a powerful tool for enriching your spiritual journey — the SOAP method of devotional Bible study. 
It’s simple, effective, and can truly make a difference in your walk with God.  I’m sure you’ve heard of it from Pastor Rich’s daily SOAP devotionals. 
Well, let’s dive a little deeper into how this method can enrich our lives and draw us closer to God.
But first, we want to remind you that alongside our SOAP devotionals, we have a daily reading plan that guides us through the entire Bible in one year!  By following this plan, you’ll journey through the entirety of God’s Word, gaining wisdom and insight along the way. 
So let’s talk about how SOAP fits into this plan.
First, S, for Scripture. With our daily reading plan, you can choose a specific passage for each day.  Simply follow along with the plan, and you’ll cover the entire Bible in a year.
Next, is O, for Observation. As you read each day’s passage, take a moment to reflect on what stands out to you. 
• What is God speaking to you through His Word? 
Write down your thoughts and insights as you engage with the text.
Now, A, for Application. 
• How does the passage apply to your life? 
• What practical steps can you take to live out its truths? 
This step is where the transformation happens as we apply God’s Word to our daily lives.
And of course, P, for Prayer. 
As always, take time to talk with God. Share your heart with Him, and listen for His voice speaking to you through the Scriptures. By following the daily reading plan and engaging in SOAP devotionals, you’re not just going through the motions — you’re actively participating in your spiritual growth. And what better way to grow than by immersing ourselves in the Word of God?
We want to invite you to join us on this journey. Let’s commit to following the daily reading plan, diving into Scripture, reflecting, praying, and allowing God to work in and through us.
And don’t forget, Pastor Rich’s daily SOAP devotionals are a fantastic complement to our study. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to subscribe and be blessed by his insights and reflections.
Together, let’s embark on this incredible adventure of faith, knowing that as we journey through God’s Word, we’re drawing closer to Him and being transformed more into His likeness.
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Strength in Unity: A Heartfelt Thank You for Guiding Our Path

Hey Trinity Church family,

Sending you all grace and peace. Life’s storms can be rough, but it’s in our strong community support and prayers that we find our anchor. Your kindness has been a bright light during Pastor Rich Wilkerson Sr.’s health challenges.

2024 has brought unexpected trials and growth. In times of doubt, your presence shines the brightest. Your love, prayers, and support keep Trinity Church’s vital ministries running smoothly. Your faithfulness drives our life-changing programs, and we’re truly touched by your generosity.

We’re now in week six of a challenging chapter with Rich Sr. battling myelofibrosis post Stem Cell Transplant. His courage is inspiring, and your prayers have worked wonders. Miracles have emerged, showing the power of unified prayer.

Thank you for being with Rich on this healing journey. Keep sharing your stories of hope and faith. Dive into our daily S.O.A.P Bible study led by Pastor Rich Sr. to strengthen your spirit for the bright days ahead.

Your unwavering financial support helps us grow and share resources for all. In these uncertain times, we see God’s plan unfold and His love in action.

We are deeply grateful for your light in our darkest moments. Let’s stay united in hope and purpose. Your generosity speaks volumes of healing and compassion.

With heartfelt thanks,

Robyn and family

Greg Ward, Attorney

The Ward Law Group

The Ward Law Group was founded by attorneys Gregory Ward and Jany Martinez-Ward with a goal to contribute to the Hispanic community’s legal needs after suffering a car accident. Their passion shows in their work as they ensure that each case settles for the maximum compensation possible, and in supporting represented victims as they recover from physical injuries and financial losses.

As an experienced attorney who once represented insurance companies, Gregory Ward has a deep understanding of how they operate and what aspects can create or diminish the value of the cases he represents. This knowledge has led him to become a gifted negotiator and litigator defending the rights of his clients residing in the Miami Lakes, Miami, Orlando, and Kissimmee areas.