Keep Going!

What are you “Pressing” toward today?

In Philippians 3:14, the Apostle talks about pressing toward the mark or the prize. He is alluding to the white line, or mark, the runners in the Olympic games used as the finish line. In those early Olympics, same as today, the runner who crossed the line first won the prize. The prize Paul is “pressing” toward is Jesus.

The word used for “press” in this verse means “strong exertion.” Like a runner, Paul was physically and mentally feeling the strain of reaching for his goal. But He knew he was close. He could sense the end, and he knew he must press through the exhaustion and pain to reach his prize, the end of his race.

Are you in a situation where you can see your goal, or the end of your trial, but the exhaustion and pain is creeping in and threatening to pull you off course? Now is the time for you to dig in and press on. Now is when you learn what it means to walk by faith and not by feeling.

Maybe you find yourself dragging burdens, sins, or other things along. Maybe you can see the goal but forget why you are working so hard to get there. Maybe you have become discouraged. Here is what I want to encourage to do today: Look at that goal again and remember you are working hard to do the will of God! It is Jesus you are running for, and because He gave up His very life for you you can press on for Him today. He will give you the strength.

As you are pressing toward your mark, remember this:

Pressing on is personal – “I” Paul’s journey, his race, was personal. So is yours. God has a purpose for you that only you can fulfill.
Pressing on is physical – “press” Your journey will require exertion, actual physical effort, on your part.
Pressing on is precise – “the mark” The mark is the goal at the end of your journey.
Pressing on is productive – “for the prize” It may seem unrewarding to press toward the mark, but it will be worth the effort!
Pressing on is prestigious – Doing the will of God is an honor. Paul calls it “the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Keep Going, friend. It is worth it! I Am Positive!