Find Your Vision

Why is vision so important?

Every year we talk about vision at Trinity. The vision for the church unites us to a common goal. Your personal vision does the same for your life. It guides you away from the past and keeps you moving toward the future God has planned for you.

At one time, the people of Israel had a real problem. They had no vision for their lives—no dreams, no goals. Like us, they knew who had created them, they knew their history and they dwelled on their past, but they could not figure out where they were going. Everything in their lives was based on what they had seen and could see. The problem they faced was they did not know how to look to their future with FAITH.

These people had a close relationship with God. They understood that His plan for them was great. They were His chosen people after all! Yet they still wandered around in the wilderness for forty years on a journey that should have taken about eleven days. Why? Because they had no vision. They couldn’t see beyond their past and what was happening to them right at that moment.

It’s easy to judge them, but you and I have the same problem sometimes. We get stuck in the moment, bogged down in the trials and the pain, and forget to focus on the vision God has for us. Did you know that most of those people God brought out of Egypt never actually made it to the Promised Land? They died in the wilderness. How sad is that? He freed them from slavery, promised them a land of their own, gave them strong leadership, and every day He showed them He was with them. And they still could not look to the future.

Don’t let that happen to you! Right now, this very moment, BELIEVE that God has a great vision for you. Mark 9:23 tells you that with God all things are possible. You serve a God who created everything you see! He wants you to succeed, He wants you to thrive, and He wants your vision to guide you. All you need is faith in Him and His Word!