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Expect Miracles!

I EXPECT miracles from God. I don’t just hope for them. I don’t just pray for them. I believe in faith that God can do anything, remove any roadblock, and turn any situation around, even things I would never think of!
I’m defining a miracle here as “an intervention in the natural universe by God, a phenomena that transcends natural laws, or a divine act by which God reveals Himself to people.” God created everything, and He has the power to change that creation. Natural laws do not constrain Him, they are His laws! Perhaps the greatest miracle is when He chooses to reveal Himself to people directly. What a blessing!
The Bible is full of miracles. Look at Daniel and his miraculous protection from the lion. God used Moses for a whole string of miracles: the plagues that led to God’s people being released from slavery, drawing water from stone, the parting of the Red Sea, miraculous provision in the desert, and the gifting of the Ten Commandments. During Jesus’ time we see healing and casting out of demons, water turned into wine, Peter walking on water, and thousands fed by bread and fish that would barely feed a family.
Scripture is quite literally one miracle followed by another. God doesn’t change. His miracles do not stop. So don’t doubt for a moment that miracles are taking place all around you! Are you looking for a miracle in your life today? What are you praying for? Are you asking because you hope God will grant that miracle, or are you believing in FAITH that He is sending someone right now to work that miracle in your life?!
Nothing is impossible with God, NOTHING! I am Positive!