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Do Whatever Seems Best

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Ezra 7:18

You and your fellow Israelites may then do whatever seems best with the rest of the silver and gold in accordance with the will of your God.


These were the words of King Artaxerxes of Persia, who sent the second wave of Israelites back to Jerusalem under the leadership of the prophet Ezra. He had given so much money to the returning exiles by the hand of Ezra and encouraged him what to do with it. When he was finished, he then said, “Do Whatever Seems Best with the rest of the money.”


After 70 years of Babylonian rule, King Cyrus of Persia took over the Babylonian country. He freed the exiles of Israel, allowing them to return to Jerusalem, but not all of them wanted to leave. In the first wave, 42,360 Israelites returned to Jerusalem and found it in shambles. They began rebuilding the temple Nebuchadnezzar had burned. Some 80 years after that, Artaxerxes saw that his nation had been blessed by being kind to the Jews, and he sent another group led by Ezra, the prophet, back to Jerusalem. He gave them more than enough resources to do what needed to be done. He gave Ezra the power to set up a government when he returned. He knew there would be money left over, so he said, “Do Whatever Seems Best with the rest of the money.” I believe today that God is setting you up, because of your faithfulness to Him, to receive the means to do more than you ever dreamed you could from unlikely sources. Be ready! It’s going to happen.


Dear Jesus,

Help me today to be ready for what you want me to do for your kingdom. I don’t want to miss Your resources because I feel like it’s not possible! I know it’s possible, and I’m ready to do what You want me to do. Amen


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