Did He Show Respectful Leadership?

Did He Show Respectful Leadership?

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Esther 1:12

But when the attendants delivered the king’s command, Queen Vashti refused to come. Then the King became furious and burned with anger.


King Xerxes of Persia had thrown a giant party, and during the party, he and his royal friends had become drunk. This happened because they had been on a seven-day binge. Finally, on the seventh day, and in very “High” drunken spirits, he sent for Queen Vashti so that he could parade her beauty before his inebriated friends. When she was sent for, she refused to come. The King was told, and he burned with anger.


You may already know the end of the story. King Xerxes had a meeting with his advisors, and they told him Queen Vashti must be deposed, and a new Queen found, or the women of the country would despise their husbands because of what she did. This is how Queen Esther, a Jew in a Persian court, succeeded Queen Vashti. At that time in history, the king was celebrated by all. At least we think he was. But here’s a question. When the king, while on a seven-day drinking binge, demanded his good-looking Queen be brought in to parade her beauty among the other men, was she wrong to refuse to be displayed for the drunken lust of perverts? Indeed, he had the authority to do it. And because of the way it happened, a Jewish woman became the Queen of the great Persian empire. But “Did He Show Respectful Leadership” for his Queen?


Dear Jesus,

I know this AM that we’re talking about an ancient time and place. Yet aren’t we all made in the “Image of God” (Gen. 1:27)? Your Word says, “Both male and female, He created them!” Help me, in the day in which I am now living, to respect everyone who comes my way. Especially my Queen. Amen


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