Dealing With A Divisive Person

Dealing With A Divisive Person

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Titus 3:10

Warn a divisive person once, and then warn them a second time. After that, have nothing to do with them.


St. Paul told his protégé, Titus, that he should tell the divisive person what they were doing was wrong when he dealt with a person known for causing division among people. Then Paul said if they don’t listen, warn them a second time. Finally, he said in no uncertain terms, if they continue to reject the warning from a fellow believer of their sinful actions, you are to have nothing to do with them again.


This seems harsh at first. Certainly, Paul would have had lengthy conversations with his key leaders when he was present with them. Yet in letters written to them, he had to be brief and to the point. Here was St. Paul’s antidote for “Dealing With A Divisive Person.” A DIVISIVE PERSON IS DIVISIVE because, according to verse 11, they are WARPED, meaning that mentally and emotionally, they are scarred. Also, Paul said they are SINFUL and totally SELF-CONDEMNED! So after that person’s unwillingness to admit their personal struggles, the Apostle just said, “HAVE NOTHING to do with them.” We indeed become like the people we entertain. I don’t want to entertain a rebel in my life continually. When you and I respond correctly to a divisive person, it allows the Lord to bring His influence into the person’s life in a greater way.


Dear Jesus,

I want to entertain people in my life with Your heart and Your approach. Even though Your approach to this particular kind of person is difficult, I know that doing things Your way saves me all kinds of trouble later on. I’ll go with You on this matter. Amen

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