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A Place Of Refuge

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Joshua 20:2

Tell the Israelites to designate the cities of refuge, as I instructed you through Moses.


These were the Lord’s words to Joshua concerning the designation of cities of refuge. Years earlier, he had commanded Moses to designate “A Place Of Refuge” for anyone who had killed someone accidentally and was running to escape the avenger of blood. Now Joshua is reminded by the Lord to designate the cities as Israel is settled in their promised land.


Even when it’s an accident, and someone is killed, there will be people related to or best friends with the one who dies who will seek the supposed perpetrator to bring them to justice. Our Lord knows there will be accidents and was and always will want justice for those accused. He always seeks to provide “A Place Of Refuge” for anyone 0n the run. But this AM, let’s talk about something more serious. What about those who are running spiritually and have resisted the way of God’s righteous will for their lives? What about them? Well, that’s why Jesus came. That’s why He sacrificed His life. And that’s why He will always be “A Place Of Refuge” for anyone on the run.


Dear Jesus,

This AM, I’m thinking back, way back, to those days when I was on the run. The times when I felt I had no place to go brought me to a place of desperation. I remember the day I found “A Place Of Refuge” in you. I was never the same after that. Thank you! Amen

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