Sundays through August 22
New Sermon Series by Dr. Rich Wilkerson:
REVIVAL LIFESTYLE – Living in the Miraculous
…”revive us and bring us to life again..” Ps. 85:6 Amp
The world longs to see the book of Acts again. This is God-empowered living where the supernatural becomes our expectation. This is our inheritance in Christ. This is God’s will for us, for such a time as this. Dr. Rich Wilkerson’s new series will add fuel to the fires of revival in your life, so that you can advance the Kingdom in the power of God.
  • POWER can transform every one of your problems into an opportunity for success.
  • POWER will birth a new dawn of hope to help you realize your goals and dreams with confidence, personal potential, wealth and communication.
  • POWER will make the impossible possible, sorrow becomes joy, defeat becomes victory, stress becomes peace and doubt becomes faith in God.

Hashtag:   #MyREVIVAL

#MyRevival Lifestyle Pack includes:

A convenient pocket-sized pack of vital tools to equip your spirit-led REVIVAL lifestyle.
#MyRevival LIFESTYLE Pack includes 3 VITAL tools:
Holy Anointing Oil – The use of anointing oil is found throughout the Bible. anointing people to the Lord for power ministry, consecration, and healing.
Communion Set- 2 Personal pre-filled Communion Cups with Wafers are your complete Communion celebration. Jesus taught us to participate in a  “miracle meal”.  Because of the Cross, you can have full assurance in your heart that God wants you healed and whole. Learn how you can access Jesus’ healing power with just the simple act of eating.
#MyRevival DECLARATION – We believe by releasing your faith through the spoken word, this daily declaration – spoken in faith- will advance your spiritual growth to open up and maintain spiritual channels to receive God’s blessings.  Post this declaration where ever you can see it every day – it’s even suitable for framing.
Whatever circumstances you are confronted with today, God has a Word for you: Don’t give up. There is hope. He has made a way for you!