people are our heart

By looking at our pictures, you may begin to think that we’re always happy. Want to know a secret? We smile because no matter what life may hurl at us, we know the One who is Sovereign. We know He’s already won. We know that in Him we are strong in our weakness. He doesn’t remove our weakness; it’s IN our weakness that His strength shines brightest. The Joy of the Lord is our strength. His incomprehensible Peace passes understanding. We don’t just have cute sayings, we know God personally and see Him in our lives every day. We also know we have each other—a family that supports one another and can hold us up in times of trouble and sorrow. A family that celebrate our wins. That’s what the Church really is. Not a place to show off fancy new hats, but a place to come for community. A place to love and be loved. And even if we don’t know you yet … we already love you!