Become a Connect Group Leader!

Are you ready to lead your own group? It’s a lot of fun and so rewarding but also a big responsibility. Whether it’s a Bible Study or Activity Group there’s room for just about everything. Let us know what you’re interested in. Do you have questions about what it takes to be a Connect Group Leader? Check out our FAQs for commonly asked questions or submit your questions in the form below.


What does it mean to lead a Connect Group?

To lead a Connect Group is to be a gatherer, a mentor, a friend, and an accountability partner. You are engaged and committed to creating lasting relationships with group members, creating safe moments and spaces where people can be transparent, while also encouraging members to grow spiritually outwardly and within.

What are the requirements to lead my own group?

You must have completed Growth Track or be currently enrolled with the intention to graduate.

Is there a class or a manual that can help me lead a group?

Our growth track and our Connect Group Leader Trainings will help with that!

How frequently should my group meet?

All groups can meet as frequently as they desire, however groups are required to meet at least once a month.

What’s expected from me as a Connect Group leader?

A Connect Group Leader is a person of good moral standard, someone who has graduated Growth Track and serves regularly, and who upholds all of Trinity Church’s 7 Core Values while in leadership.

Is there someone I can meet with if I have issues with my group?

Yes you can contact any Pastor or Leader at or 786-888-4673.

Do I have to complete all 4 weeks of Growth Track before joining a Connect Group?

No at all. Though we encourage all of our participants to graduate Growth Track before joining a team or getting involved, everyone can join a Connect Group as soon as they’d like.