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Marriage Mentoring

We are so excited to bring the DARE TO BE DIFFERENT Marriage Mentoring program to Trinity Church! This program has been helping thousands of couples for many years. So if you are a married couple, that loves God and one another, and want to learn how to help other couples go from good to great or challenging to victorious, then this training will do just that. The best part is that you will go through the entire training right from your own home. The training is free to you and there is no obligation. We will provide all the materials needed for you to team up with us as we engage with premarital and married couples.

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Seriously Dating, Engaged and Newly Wed Couples

This is a 7-week program covering topics such as communication, conflict resolution, intimacy, finances, marital expectations, personalities, gender differences, spiritual unity and husband/wife roles.

For more details, including the next program schedule, register here or text (954) 682-4929 to receive a call back.

Respectfully Yours
for Women

Seriously Dating,
Engaged and Married

Kingdom Man
for Men

Single, Dating,
Married, Divorced

Better Love – Married Couples

Are you a married couple? Enjoy deeper connection and understanding with the Better Love self-paced program. Take the Better Love Assessment, and then use the Action Plan provided to guide you through your customized results and take practical steps toward strengthening your relationship. This is a great tool for couples to use right at home. Each of the four sections of the report, Personality, Communication, Conflict, and Adaptability, are essential to deepening the relationship with lasting, positive results. To get started or for more details, go to BetterLove.com

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