Trinity Church is a Christ-centered model of ministry that assists in the transformation of individuals and families in our community. As a church we address physical needs for food, clothing, and medical attention which, in turn, opens up the opportunity to address the spiritual condition.


Trinity then goes a step further to help these individuals experience abundant living by providing job training, assisting with the purchase of a home, and teaching parenting classes. Abundant living allows individuals who needed assistance to become individuals that now reach out and help others to overcome the same type of adverse life conditions they surmounted.

Our Story

In 1960, Trinity Church was founded in Miami, Florida by the Rev. Tom Miller, as an Assemblies of God church. During the next 38 years the following pastors shared in Trinity Church’s Sr.Pastoral leadership: Rev. Ernie Eskelin, Rev. Art Shell, Rev. Glen Dickens, and Rev. Clyde Preston.


Although Trinity Church enjoyed good success during those years, the winds of change enveloped South Florida in ways that were unusual to most of America. Miami-Dade County leads the world in the following statistic, 64% of her inhabitants were born outside of America! With so many people of all nationalities, creeds, languages, and racial ethnicity, living in one landlocked county, Trinity Church was only beginning to realize its real purpose for being.


In August of 1998, Pastors Rich and Robyn Wilkerson, and their four sons, arrived in Miami to assume the leadership of Trinity Church. It was a match made in HEAVEN. For the previous 18 years, “Pastor Rich,” as he is affectionately known by the congregation, had traveled worldwide as an evangelist. In fact, from 1979 to 1998, Pastor Rich traveled nearly 2 million air miles all over the globe preaching the GOOD NEWS to millions!


The weekly TV show known as Peacemakers, featuring Rich and Robyn Wilkerson, had already been airing for several years worldwide on the TBN NETWORK, before the Wilkerson’s came to Trinity Church. With the weekly television program, as well as a desire for outreach to those in need in the community, Trinity Church began to grow.


Peacemakers ministry, which Pastors Rich and Robyn had founded in 1994, was and is a ministry to America’s inner cities. Reaching people for Christ, feeding the poor, giving free medical attention, children’s and youth ministry and outreach had always been at the heart of Peacemakers’ ministry. Trinity Church and Peacemakers, two organizations committed to: Winning the Lost, Helping the Poor, and Teaching Abundant Life, were now joined together.


Quickly, ministries of every description began to develop for those in need. Federal, state and local county grants and contracts were written for funding. And, Trinity Church and Peacemakers began to be awarded these funds. Today, Trinity Church and Peacemakers has over 50 partners that collaborate together to touch the lives of needy people in MIAMI-DADE COUNTY. No wonder the line…COMMITTED TO OUR COMMUNITY, is posted on all of Trinity Church’s signs and publications.


In 2000 an “air dome” [TENT] was constructed on the original Trinity Church property to try and handle the crowds. It was permitted by the city of North Miami for two years. But an extension was requested and granted for an additional two years. In the Fall of 2003 the “miracle building” Trinity Church had been praying for, became available. The congregation agreed to purchase the property and by FAITH, did so at the end of 2003!


The work that followed for the church to move into the facility was enormous, but as in the days of Nehemiah when he and the people rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem, God gave the people of Trinity Church a “MIND TO WORK.” On December 5, 2004 Trinity Church took hold of their miracle and moved into the NEW facility. And by the grace of God, the church was able to also keep the original property!


Today, Trinity Church is open 7 days a week to provide opportunities for people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, economic levels, and education—for everyone to discover God’s plan for their destiny. EVERYONE FITS INTO TRINITY CHURCH!  Average weekly attendance now numbers over 2500! To God Be The Glory!!