I Am Positive

40 Days of Fasting
& Prayer in Action

January 1 – February 10, 2018

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Jesus said, “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” (Mark 11:24). In 2018, we believe and declare who we are in Christ. We are Positive, we are Healed, we are Whole, we are Prosperous, and we are Free! We are Positive that our prayers are the catalyst for change, restoration, and hope in this world. Join us for 40 days of fasting, prayer and intentional outreach to our local community and abroad. The journey begins January 1 and concludes February 10, 2018.

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  • I pledge that 2018 will be a year of I AM POSITIVE!


I will pray for . . .
Step 1: Choose your fast

1.  Fast solid food for 40 days, drinking a liquid supplement of my choice.

2.  Fast as Daniel the prophet did for 21 days eating only vegetables and liquids.

3.  Fast for 7 days from solid food, drinking a liquid supplement of my choice

4.  Fast every Monday during the 40 days, drinking a liquid supplement of
my choice.

5.  Fast lunch every Wednesday for 40 days, drinking a liquid supplement of
my choice.

6.  Fast one day week from television, media and social media during the 40 day fast.

7. Fast from________________ (what would be a sacrifice for you?) for 40 days to grow closer to God.



Step 2:

Follow the 40 day Prayer In Action guide by praying for the selected topic and participating in the action item


Step 3:

Use #IAmPositive2018 on your social media outlets to testify what prayers are being answered in your life and the lives around you.


Step 4:

Keep the faith! You are Positive, so never give up. You will persevere. God is for you, so who can stand against you!

January 1 – Prayer: My Church / Action: Invite someone to Trinity Church

January 2 – Prayer: My Family / Action: Call a distant family member and encourage them

January 3 – Prayer: A Prosperous Year / Action: Set goals for 2018, focusing on a truly prosperous life.

January 4 – Prayer: Local Politicians / Action: Reach out to one of the following politicians and encourage them to stay positive and not give up!

January 5 – Prayer: My local businesses / Action: Encourage a local business owner, believe in prayer for a successful and prosperous year for them.

January 6 – Prayer: My local school district / Action: Reach out to an educator and thank them for the positive impact they have on children’s lives.

January 7 – Prayer: My unsaved loved ones / Action: Ask in prayer that the Holy Spirit will work in their lives and know that He will!

January 8 – Prayer: God’s will and purpose for your life / Action: Set aside time to seek God’s will in your life. Set your “I am Positive” goals for this year.

January 9 – Prayer: Obedience to God’s voice / Action: Step out in Faith and do something God told you to do months ago.

January 10 – Prayer: A closer relationship with Jesus / Action: Spend 15 minutes a day in prayer and worship.

January 11 – Prayer: Our Servant Leaders / Action: Speak words of encouragement to a Servant Leader.

January 12 – Prayer: My neighbors / Action: Invite them over for a lunch/dinner. Speak positivity into their lives.

January 13 – Prayer: Anyone who is sick / Action: Pray for and believe in a miraculous healing in their lives.

January 14 – Prayer: Those who are unemployed / Action: Pray and believe for God’s provision and prosperity in their lives.

January 15 – Prayer: Children in Foster Care / Action: Seek out ways you can mentor a child.

January 16 – Prayer: Those in prison / Action: Pray that Jesus will be present and enact a positive change in their lives.

January 17 – Prayer: The homeless / Action: Volunteer in a homeless shelter.

January 18 – Prayer: Women’s ministry / Action: Do something uplifting and encouraging for a woman in your life.

January 19 – Prayer: Men’s ministry / Action: Thank a man for being a positive example.

January 20 – Prayer: Children’s ministry / Action: Thank your Children’s Pastor today for the difference they make by speaking the positive influence of Jesus to the children.

January 21 – Prayer: Youth in the church / Action: Send a quick message telling a youth how they bless you.

January 22 – Prayer: My boss / Action: Thank your boss for his/her positive, supportive leadership.

January 23 – Prayer: My coworker and/or classmate / Action: Find a way to bless a coworker/classmate.

January 24 – Prayer: Finances / Action: Pray for God’s wisdom and provision. Commit to support Jesus’ church in a mighty way this year.

January 25 – Prayer: Stewardship of my time / Action: Make a plan to dedicate time to your family, the church, volunteering, and your personal spiritual formation

January 26 – Prayer: My city / Action: Call a city leader and thank him/her for his/her service to the community.

January 27 – Prayer: Our Connect Groups / Action: Commit to joining/attending a connect group.

January 28 – Prayer: Financial blessings / Action: Pray for God to financially prosper yourself, your family and friends, and the church.

January 29 – Prayer: Peacemakers / Action: Support Peacemakers through prayers, financially, or by volunteering.

January 30 – Prayer: Parents / Action: Encourage a mom or dad you know is struggling. Support them through prayer, believing for their needs to be met.

January 31 – Prayer: Against fear / Action: Prayer declaring and believing that fear has no power in your life!

February 1 – Prayer: Total Life Prosperity (3 John 2) / Action: Be positive that God wants you to prosper in all things.

February 2 – Prayer: My pastors / Action: Say a special prayer for God to touch your pastors and prosper them in all ways.

February 3 – Prayer: My enemies / Action: Ask God to help you forgive those who wronged you.

February 4 – Prayer: Marriages / Action: Pray for the marriage of someone close to you.

February 5 – Prayer: To operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit / Action: Spend 30 minutes in silence listening for the voice and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

February 6 – Prayer: To live out the fruits of the Spirit / Action: Take a spiritual gifts test and think of ways you can use your gifts.

February 7 – Prayer: Guidance in my life / Action: Ask God to guide your thoughts and words today, believe positively that He means great things for you!

February 8 – Prayer: For unreached people groups / Action: Pray that God will send workers to bring His love to an unreached people group.

February 9 – Prayer: That you stand as an example of God’s might / Action: Pray today that God’s works would be seen in your life so others may see Him.

February 10 – Prayer: The Church / Action: Believe today that God is bringing a revival to the world Church.


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