Hurricane Irma Relief


Miami Dade County and most of South Florida has suffered wide-spread destruction due to Hurricane Irma.
Each of us has been affected in some way. Each person has lost something—power, property, work/wages, and more.
Many are still without power and need our help.


Trinity Church’s North Miami campus suffered major storm damage when
it was hit by a tornado caused by one of the most powerful hurricanes on record.
Thousands in our community are without electricity, clean water, and some have
temporarily lost their homes due to flooding and storm damage.
We are ready to help them!


Will you prayerfully consider making a donation to the Hurricane Irma relief fund?
You can give by texting (786) 574-3700 with your donation amount followed by the word IRMA.
Or you can donate here by selecting Hurricane Irma Relief Fund.

Thank you!