Connect Groups are designed to help every member at Trinity find a group of people with whom they can belong. These groups happen every day of the week all over the Miami area. Whatever you are passionate about we have a group where you can get connected.  To view our list of Connect Groups, click on the tabs below.


Get your Questions Answered!

How can I grow in my relationship with Jesus? Who is the Holy Spirit? How do I Pray? How do I make the most of the rest of my life? Growth Track is designed to help you become a fully-devoted follower of Jesus Christ. Ultimately, our goal is to help you connect with a group of people where your life can touch the lives of others. You can attend one our Growth Track classes offered on Sundays after every service in The Source. Every week is a different class and together we will learn the foundational aspects of Trinity Church and our relationship with Jesus Christ.



Class Times: Sundays after every service in The Source


WEEK 1 / KNOW GOD (First Sunday of every month)

Become better acquainted with the story, vision and values of Trinity Church. Come to connect with others and have the opportunity to become part of our church


WEEK 2 / FIND FREEDOM (Second Sunday of every month)

Explore the essential tools and beliefs that produce a more meaningful relationship with Christ.


WEEK 3 / DISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE (Third Sunday of every month)

Discover and understand how your personal and spiritual makeup reveals a path to your purpose. We believe God created every person with a specific plan for their life.


WEEK 4 / MAKE A DIFFERENCE (Fourth Sunday of every month)

Find out more about the community, growth, and fulfillment that comes from being on team.





The culture of Trinity Church is guided by our distinctive values. These values serve as a guide for our actions and behaviors as we serve the people of Trinity Church. As a team member you should commit these values to memory, and beyond that, build them into your heart. At Trinity Church we don’t do culture, we become the culture through our commitment to these value statements.


Creative Team

This group of brilliant creatives strive to bring a sense of creativity and uniqueness in displaying the ministry that happens at Trinity Church. Bring your creativity and tech savvy to this team that reaches thousands by delivering the Word and worship through camera, lighting, sound elements, social media, graphic design and photography.



First Impressions

This team welcomes everyone who is a guest and has received Christ, making every effort to connect them to the life of the church.




This team is in place to help bring professional medical attention to emergency situations at Trinity Church. If you are a certified in any medical training this is the team for you!



These amazing people prepare people for a positive worship experience by welcoming and assisting them to a seat, facilitating the offering and maintaining a distraction-free environment.


Growth Track Team

This team strives to make our Growth Track experience go smoothly while making attendees feel right at home during the duration of the class.



Office Support

This team works around the clock making sure that Trinity Church is equipped and ready to do ministry! They work in the office’s at Trinity church making phone calls to first time visitors, printing flyers to promote up coming events and following up with prayer requests that have been submitted to our team.



Parking Team

This fun and enjoyable team is truly the first impression of Trinity! If you relish the great outdoors and enjoy telling people where to go, this is the team for you!




Safety is major priority at Trinity Church! This team strives to provide the most excellent safety procedures for our church staff and congregation during all services and ministry events throughout the week.




This team is involved in countless ministries across the Miami area with a focus on bringing God’s love to our world through outreach and social justice projects.



Worship Team

With vocals or instruments, this dynamic team serves to prepare the way for our guests to encounter the Presence of the Living God.



Seating Engineers

Whether it’s stacking a chair or rearranging our main sanctuary and special events layouts, this team is always excited to make your experience at Trinity Church a comfortable one.



Cafe Team

When you work with our Cafe team you will be trained by a five star chef and gain top notch experience in hospitality.



TC Kids

If you enjoy working with little ones, then TC Kids is the team for you! TC Kids strive to teach our kids that ultimate happiness comes from Jesus.